Brown crochet fake dreads with light brown dreads

Hand made brown crochet fake dreads blond fake dreads will change your boring hair into a fabulous hairstyle. Fake dreads are braided on your hair and can be easily taken off whenever you need.


Medium brown

Straw brown

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Quantity DE
Length on your head (±5 cm)

What are Fake Dreads?

Do you like dreads but you want to maintain flexibility of taking them off whenever you need? Fake dreads can be worn for up to 3 months. Then you can remove them, wash your hair and braid the dreads back. They don't damage your hair and are great choice to make your hairdo more interesting.

Our extensions are ideal for travelling. You can forget about washing your hair every few days, or everyday combing.

Fake dreads look like a real dreads from human hair, they're more irregular and have higher volume than synthetic dreads.

Difference between synthetic dreads (pseudo) and fake dreads

Ombré differences of synthetic and fake dreads

Both dread extensions are made using different techniques. Synthetic/Pseudo dreads have color transitions in spirals.

Fake dreads have different colors blended in the dread which makes a smoother transition.

Color transition differences of ombré fake and synthetic dreads

What's the ideal quantity?

1 DE = 2 dreads after installation. DE ("double ended") dreads are twice as long as your desired length and are braided to your hair from the middle, thus doubling its number.

  • For full head we recommend 40 pcs DE (80 dreads after braiding).
  • For high top (for buns with undercut) we recommend 20–30 pcs DE (40-60 dreads after installation).

Double ended dreads are faster to install and remove.

DE double ended dread

Minimum hair length: 7 cm (~3 in)

Shorter hair may not hold the dread properly and may slip over time. The longer the hair, the better they hold the extension. Synthetic dreads and fake dreads are ideal if you want an "instant" hair extension and make your hairstyle more interesting.

Braiding is a simple task and you can do it on your own or with a friend. It's really easy.

minimum length for synthetic or fake dread hair extensions

Product Information

100% hand made

Made in Czech Republic

In the business since 2003

Data sheet


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