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General Information

Synthetic dreads: comparison between fake dreads and synthetic dreads
  • thiner than fake dreads,
  • look more uniform and regular,
  • are braided in higher quantities than fake dreads (due to lower volume).
  • full head requires around 120 dreads = 60 pcs DE dreads (double ended). For mohawk you need roughly half (it all depends on the size).
Fake dreads:
  • thicker, more volume,
  • slightly lighter than synthetic dreads,
  • have irregular shape,
  • structure looks nearly similar as dreadlocks from real hair.
  • For full head you need ~80 dreads = 40 pcs DE dreads (double-ended). For mohawk you need roughly half (it all depends on the size).
Usually 2–3 months, depending on how fast your hair grows. However in the end it's really up to you. When your hair grows it starts to form a real dread (sometimes, again, depends on your hair type). We recommend to avoid these situations as fake/synthetic dreads are harder to uninstall and combing your hair can be painful and you can damage your hair.
příklad napletení 1ks DE (double ended) dreadu z kanekalonuSimply, 1 DE equals 2 dreads after installation. it's one loong dread with two ends. Dread is folded in the middle and braided onto your hair.

We make only DE dreads because they better cover braided extensions and square parcels on your head. In addition, nstallation and removal is faster and easier in comparison with SE (single ended dreads), thus saves time as it's more convenient.
  • Synthetic dreads have wonderful volume with 60 pcs DE (double ended dreads) resulting in 120 dreads on your head after installation.
  • With Fake dreads you need around 40 pcs DE (double ended dreads), resulting in 80 dreads on your head.
Final count is up to you, though. You may want even higher volume.

Another factor affecting quantity can be your hair condition. We don't recommend braiding too many dreads on weak or damaged hair...
regular dread extensions are circa 50 cm long (after braiding, otherwise DE dread is double the length). In addition, all products have at least additional 10 cm long narrow ends and it is up to you whether to cut them or not.

We don't recommend cutting too much as cutting the thick dread damages structure and the dreads may not hold the shape properly.
We usually process orders within 3–5 weeks depending on the type and required color combinations or other custom requests. In the end it also depends on the season of the year, sun eruptions and other :o). We do maximum to dispatch the order on time but we're just humands and sometimes we get too many orders too be able to dispatch all on time. In any case we will let you know about the order state.
Sky is the limit :) You can choose from natural shades or wild bright colors, it's up to you. You can include photo of your inspiration when ordering custom dreads. Keep in mind different computers and phones all display the same color slightly differently and we can't guarantee to 100% match your shade.

Taking a photo in a natural daylight in open shade produces the best result though. We will do maximum to match your vision. For consultations in person visit us in ourstudio on Prague 8, between underground station B line — Invalidovna and Palmovka.
Synthetic dreads can be made from kanekalon or wool. Fake dreads only from kanekalon. And what is kanekalon? It is a synthetic thread looking like a human hair.

These products don't absorb water.
Yes but it's super rare and the chance is really low. In our 15+ years of experience we know only about one case.


Min. 6–7 cm because shorther hair can't hold the dread properly and may slide off. The longer the hair, the better and more securely is held.
Braiding on can look difficult but it's simple as doing regular braids. If you invite your friend or mum, it can be a fun event :) If you'd like to leave it up to me, I can show you and explain how to do it by yourself or with your friend.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment, text us or call at least 2-3 weeks before (sometimes even earlier, it depends on the season of the year). View contact.
For first timers it may take between 2 to 3 hours. If you'd like to schedule an appointment to our studio, we will manage it in 60-90 minutes. If you want, I can show you what to do and tell tips how to do it next time by yourself or your friend. it's really not that difficult.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment, text us or call at least 2-3 weeks before (sometimes even earlier, it depends on the season of the year). View contact.
comparison between fake dreads and synthetic dreads
Both dread extensions are completely different type and both have different ways how they are manufactured. Synthetic dreads are thinner and to have similar volume as fake dreads you need higher quantity.

Wearing, washing and care

What do you need?
  • Shampoo (Brand or type doesn't matter much. Just avoid shampoos with conditioner or 2 in 1.)
  • Clean water
Washing with dread synthetic extensions is nearly the same as with regular hair – first get your hair wet, then apply a shampoo, squeeze it to the dread, make a lot of foam and then rinse your hair. We recommend reserving a full day for hair wash as it takes a lot longer to dry (especially in winter time).
You can use hair dryer on a middle power or cold air to help with drying. The best is to wait for a sunny day and get out :) Aside from getting tan your hair gets dry in 30-120 minutes.
Yes, we take care of few top (olympics) athletes or sportwomans who either have our synthetic extensions or permanent dreads from hair. When you do sports a lot you need to take care of your oily and sweaty hair-skin. We recommend using hair water refresher with herb extracts. It is also better to wear dreads for shorter periods of time (between 1–2 months). Then deeply wash your hair and install them on again.
We recommend to avoid bigger changes in temperature (like being in a sauna or solarium). However even without it some elastic bands may snap. It heavily depends on the rubber band batch. The quality sometimes varies and although we try to identify faulty batch, some still may snap. Don't worry though, as every order is shipped with set of spare rubber bands.

Uninstallation / Removing extensions

  1. We recommend to have dry hair.
  2. cut the rubber band which holds your hair and dread together and take it off.
  3. Unbraid the braid and you'll get a curly strand of hair :)
These strands may still hold its shape closer to your head. They may contain particles of dust, shampoo or skin and make the most challenging part of the process when using comb. Easiest is to first separate the hair strands slowly and gently with fingers, and then use comb. You will comb out more hair than you're used to as we loose between 50 to 100 hair a day. These hair were locked in the dread and couldn't fall out for few weeks so it's normal to think that you've lost more hair than you're used to.
example of hair after removing fake or synthetic dreads
You will have curly rings as our grandmas and mums used to wear. You will also see more hair falling out as they were locked in the dread and could fall out naturally (we loose 50-100 hair every day). After few washes and balsams/moisturizing your hair condition will be restored. The most important is to be patient and uninstall dreads with care.

Your hair is locked in the dread and can't fall out. It is logical that when you take off your extensions, you will see more hair falling off. People loose 50-100 hairs every day so after few weeks of wearing extension it can be a little shock but don't worry. Just be gentle and take your time when taking them off.
It really depends on you :) Some leave a week to refresh their hair, some 6 months, and some leave just a day before wearing them again.
After some time synthetic or fake dreads get softer but after frequent use they may show signs of wear and it's better to restore them to a full glory. Contact us and we'll find a way how to help you. (we repair only our own products).

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